We are Christina and Bianca, the BIG people behind Little People Play! Our backgrounds are in Teaching and an interesting mix of HR and System administration. Over time we have come to view this as quite the winning combo it turns out – one of us brings the glitter (to keep us creative and inspired!) and the other thrives on the spreadsheets and numbers (to ensure the business stays afloat!)

We both also have extensive backgrounds in Little People – with six of them between us (some not so little anymore) 5 girls and 1 lucky boy! Whilst learning as parents never ends, we felt with the apprenticeship of 13 plus baby and toddler years behind us, we were well prepared to take on our new addition – Little People Play.

We are life long friends who have schooled together, travelled together, grown families together, plotted, planned and dreamed together of working for ourselves for the better part of the many years we have known each other!

So yes it has taken us a good while to reach this point – we have come to see that great things really do take time! As we all know time really is the most precious commodity – so the number one goal of our business is to save YOU some! When it comes to organising an event for the little people in your household or community – let us take the lead and do it for you. It feels SO great to close one of those tabs in your head and free up some thinking space for – well – let’s face it – all the other tabs that you can’t close!

We look forward to helping you and your little people with a fun event in the future!


Christina + Bianca🎈